Aloooha! We are Irina & Devon – two passionate content creators storytelling through our travels. Irina was born & raised in Russia moved to NYC in 2007, Devon was born in Belize & raised in NYC. The big apple is where it all started. Together we opened an online business that allowed us to live a digital nomad lifestyle.
In July 2018 we closed our apartment lease, packed our lives in a 5 by 5 storage unit, and flew across the Atlantic ocean to Russia. Since then, we have traveled to Ukraine, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, and came to Hawaii for only 1 month. We quickly fell in love with the island-style and extend our stay for 6 months exploring the beauty of the Hawaiian islands. We realized it was not enough time to cover everything we wanted about Hawaii and decided to stay for another 6 months. In February 2020 we started our planned 3-year journey around the world again. We flew to Sydney Australia from where we started our 3-week French Polynesia cruise. 1 week of sailing went almost smooth but that was the beginning of the world’s disaster (you know what we are talking about). Our cruise ended up being a nightmare and all the ports were rejecting our disembarkation. Our new home – Oahu accepted the cruise ship and we sailed across the Pacific Ocean to where we started. Having to cancel all our travel plans we decided to wait for the travel to be safe again, and take the opportunity to create in-depth Hawaii travel guides, tips, reviews, itineraries, and recommendations.
We plan to make the 3rd attempt to explore the world at the end of 2021 (fingers crossed). Our goal is to slow-travel and stay in each place for 1-3 months to fully discover what each city or country has to offer. We love to eat, adventures, creating videos, researching & sharing our experience providing you with travel tips and food reviews. We publish new videos every week and go LIVE on Youtube every Friday so be sure to subscribe, click the bell button, and Just Be Out with us.