Aloooha! We love creating informative videos for you and appreciate all your positive feedback. If you decide to book the tours we recommend when coming to Hawaii, we would be grateful if you use our affiliate links. It will cost you the same to book these activities but we would get a small commission. We highly recommend the following activities below.


This is top rated activity on the island. We have done it and absolutely loved it! There are 2 packages that we recommend: Alii Luau or Super Ambassador. The difference between them is just seating options at the luau & the evening show. We had Alii Luau Package and we were satisfied with the seating options. The reason we recommend these 2 packages is because they include a tour guide that will walk you through all 6 villages while telling you Polynesian History in a fun way. Each village offers different shows & presentations what are loads of fun! You do not want to miss it! The tour guide will make sure to take you to each demonstration in a timely manner and make sure you will get a seat as well. Both packages include the same luau and an incredible evening show “Ha-The Breath of Life”. It is a must-see!
The cheapest package is the Islands of Polynesia. It does not include any food and the evening production. It is a self-guided tour through the villages. If everything is sold out, the best way to experience it is to get the itinerary of all the village presentations and make sure you make it on time to watch them. Unfortunately, this is the only package that you can not use the 10% off promo code.
The Exclusive Gateway Buffet Option is just $20 cheaper than the Alii package but it does not include fresh lei, no luau entertainment (just live music), and the buffet options are different as well. But you do get access to the evening show to the farthest seats 🙂
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We both had tremendous fears going to this tour (extreme shark fear & not being able to swim). We thought we would never be able to do this tour. We knew there is a company (North Shore Shark Adventures) that offers a shark cage dive experience and logically we understood we would be in the cage and nothing can happen but still could not muster up the courage to do it. We finally decided to face our fears and were thrilled we did it. We went from fear to excitement, mesmerized, and want to do it again! Watch our video below. If we did it, you can do it as well! The regular price is $130 per adult but you can get a 20% OFF and book it below for only $104. If you are not ready to come face to face with sharks, you can observe those fascinated creatures from the boat.


We have done several tours with HI5 and we truly think you get the best value! Circle island tours go anywhere from $100-$180 per person but they are not private and include cookie-cutter stops with time constrain on how much time you can spend on each stop. With HI5 tours all guests receive fresh lei greetings, treats from Leonards bakery, and so much more! You can choose what to see, how long to stay in each location, even what music to listen to while on the road! Your tour guide goes above and beyond to accommodate everyone and ensure you get the best out of your private tour. The more guests you have in your private group, the cheaper it gets. Per person breakdown goes as low as $100! That is comparable to a 40 passenger standard tour with strangers with no perks! Some of our subscribers had already experience HI5 Tours and they loved it! We have been on other circle island tours and this one is hands down the best!

If you are traveling with a small group, another fantastic option is a group tour! North shore food tasting and waterfalls tour is a must! This tour includes Wailua Chocolate & Coffee Farm, North Shore Macadamia Farm, Waimea Waterfall & Botanical Garden, Famous Lunch Trucks, and even Rum Tasting. If you are not into rum tasting, no worries, you will get a discount for your tour. Waimea valley waterfalls admission is included. 

Below you can watch the videos from our private tour and some of the stops are included in the group tour.  

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Makani morning and afternoon sailings are a great way to relax and enjoy the views of Waikiki & Diamond Head with your entire family. It is a 2 hour sailing with a full bar and bathrooms onboard. It is a 64ft catamaran and holds up to 80 passengers with plenty of room for social distancing.

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Sunset Catamaran Sail is an absolute must when coming to Hawaii. We can not tell you enough how much we love sailing with Makani and we highly recommend you experience it as well.

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A luau is a must-do when coming to Hawaii. Our favorite luau is Toa Luau but not everyone can make it to the north shore. Many of you have been asking us for a luau recommendation right in Waikiki. We are excited about a new affordable Queens Luau right in the International Market Place. 

Benefits of choosing Queens Luau: 

  1. Prime location
  2. Small space, intimate luau
  3. Cultural activities included

We have watched the free hula show a the International Market Place and it was a great show, so rest assured you will enjoy the show during the luau. There are 3 pricing options offered: Front Row Seating($157), Mid Row Seating($127), and Back Row Seating($107). Besides the obvious seating arrangement, the difference is the number of drinks included and a lei. For the highest package, you will be greeted with a fresh lei, and the mid & back row will be offered a shell lei. As we mentioned before, the space is really small so even the back row seating would not be too far from the stage. 


Starlight luau is really popular for 2 reasons: it’s been around for a while and it’s located in Hilton Hawaiian Village. It does not offer any cultural activities and it is one of the most expensive luaus on the island. There are 2 options for your tickets: Diamond Premier Seating ($210) & Golden Circle Seating($170). The difference is the seating location (the more expensive one puts you closer to the stage) and the priority access to the buffet. Both admissions offer lei greeting but it is not specified if there is a difference in leis. When it comes to drinks, you will get just 1 mai tai included with both options but more soda with the Diamond package. 


Hawaii Glass Bottom Boats is another cool way of cruising around Waikiki and checking out the underwater world without getting wet. This boat leaves from the same area as Makani Catamaran – Kewalo Basin Harbor. It is a much smaller boat but it does have a bathroom on board! The best water visibility is in the morning but they do offer afternoon and subset 1 hour sailing times as well. This is a great budget option for only $35 for a 1-hour ride.

If you can not find availability for a morning tour, check out afternoon or sunset rides.


This is one of the most romantic things you can do on Oahu! This is the review video of Oasis Picnics. If you would like to see the picnic experience from our proposal, click here

Oasis Picnics offer 3 different packages and plenty of add-ons including a private chief making a 3-course meal for you! Use promo code: JBO5 to get 5% OFF your picnic experience. 


For our proposal photos we’ve collaborated with Luis from Limitless Pacific Photography. He is our favorite photographer on Oahu! Hawaii vacation is one in a lifetime opportunity for most people and we definitely recommend to book a professional photography session with Luis.
Weather it’s a special occasion like we had or just a moment in Hawaii you will remember and cherish for a lifetime! You do not need to feel that you need to be a model or loose extra pounds. Team limitless will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, help you pose, and you will love your photos! We partnered up with Limitless Pacific Photography to give you 10% off your photography session and 20% off prints!
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There are 3 options you can choose from for dolphin tours on Oahu.

1. Dolphin Quest. 

  1. We have collaborated with Dolphin Quest to show what their dolphin encounter looks like and we loved it! Click HERE to watch it. Their programs start from $239 for 30 min. If it’s in your budget, we highly recommend it even though we are not affiliated with them. Here is a link to see all their programs.

2. SeaLife Park. 

Dolphin encounter at SeaLife Park is much cheaper than Dolphin Quest and when you book an encounter. It is $149.99 for a 45 min program (30 min in water). PLUS come with a free park admission valued at $39.99. It’s a great value and the trainers seem to be really nice (we did not do an encounter there, just watched it).

3. Wild Dolphin Snorkeling. 

This is an amazing program! You do not get to touch a dolphin and the closest they come is 10ft but most of the time you see them in a wild in the distance (pods of dolphins!!!).

If you book 30 days in advance, you can save 15% use promo code: 30EARLY (the promo code link is located under the transportation option).



If you love our drone shot, you are going to love a helicopter tour! Experience Oahu from a birds-eye view. Flights take off from Honolulu airport. We recommend a private photo package because it includes round-trip transportation and it is fully customizable!

For the photo, the package must have the doors off but it includes transportation! Regular price $420, now $350 for a 60-minute flight! If you have a rental car, you can book a 60-min private tour without transportation here.

50min flight starting on the south shore, Eastside, and the North Shore. That’s an aerial Circle Island Tour! You can choose to have the doors on or off.

This is a 20-25 min flight long the shoreline overlooking Downtown Honolulu, Waikiki Beach, the Diamond Head crater, Hanauma Bay, and the Makapuu Lighthouse.


This is a really cool experience. In just one day you can fly to the Big Island (airfare is included by the way), enjoy breakfast, explore Volcano National Park, hop on a 45-min helicopter tour, visit Hilo, and waterfalls before returning back to Oahu.


Paddle Board Yoga is a unique experience taking place at Ala Moana Beach. It is perfect to test your balancing skills and enjoy a sunset at the same time. The class is 75 min. You can choose a sunset paddleboard yoga class or nighttime with paddleboards glowing in the water.


Drive around the entire island of Oahu in style like a boss! As a fun car rental alternative, rent a slingshot from Waikiki! It fits comfortably 2 people and has a key-lock compartment that fits a bag. Rental options are available for 4 & 8 hours or daily. 

Slingshots are available with a manual and automatic transmission.